Our company - Simply FabS ®

Incorporated in 2013, Simply FabS Limited core scope is to supply only products examined and approved by our "experts" who are passionate about specific categories of products.

This ensures that our customers can make an informed choice on each item sold on our website based on how our experts received the item to examine and more importantly they ensure that each product is genuine. If the item fails the examination, our legal team will investigate all information gathered and ensure that counterfeits, fakes and defected items are detected before reaching our customers.

Our history

In 2013, soon after the incorporation of our company, we acquired two brands which both were trading since 2008 via its websites as well as selling via third party websites like Amazon, EBay, Groupon, and several others shopping platforms. 

Our brand and its websites are Night Sky Lanterns® (www.nightskylanterns.co.uk) and CANDLE BAGS UK™ (www.candlebagsuk.co.uk) respectively established in 2008-2009.

At first instance, the acquisition of these brands was a great achievement and we soon started to manage the Vendor account on Amazon, EBay Shop, etc. which were also opened since 2008. As much as we were pleased to acknowledge that these brands were well positioned on those shopping platforms and orders were coming in quite frequently, we also stated to notice some discrepancies on the activities of our brands names.

Indeed, we noticed that Amazon had recently introduced the “Seller Account”. This gives the possibility to anyone to sell products on their platform and even claiming to supply a certain brand without any minimal check on the item offered, simply based on the seller’s responsibility of the claim.

So far so good, but this quickly sparkled a surcharge of sellers on our brand pages claiming to supply our products. Inevitably, our wholesale customers who also sell our products on the same pages of our brands published on Amazon, they started to ask us how those sellers can supply our products below our wholesale price. This inducted us and our resellers to make test purchases from those sellers and we found that the majority of the sellers were smuggling fakes.

To cut it short, this still happening as we speak and in spite of many interventions to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who just referred us to his legal team, which resulted to be like talking to a brick. Therefore, we had to stop supplying Amazon with our products and we asked them to cancel all pages associated with both of our brands Night Sky Lanterns and CANDLE BAGS UK. Nonetheless, Amazon legal team claims that our brands’ products are Generic Items and we do not have any rights of it.

Regardless of the severe damage to brands’ reputation inflicted on genuine business like ours, the bullying attitude and the unfair trade policy operated by those Corporations are seriously putting at risk millions of people unconditionally.

Not to mention the large amount of illegal items sold on those platforms, we also discovered that 3 out of 5 test purchases made on Amazon on our brand pages resulted contaminated with toxic and dangerous substances which were tested and confirmed by a UK lab.

To conclude, in 2016 even after reporting this situation to UK Trading Standards Authority and UK Environmental Agency, who acknowledge the issue however, they stated that this situation is well known but it is too big to be dealt at national level and they are talking to European Commission on how to tackle it.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are set from the incredulous negative experience suffered by our brands, due to the unfair trading policy imposed by online giants on the expenses of genuine businesses who work hard to build a reputation.

Our aim is to help young entrepreneurs and new business to show off their bright ideas and get all the credit for it. In addition, we would like to appeal to all CEOs of existing brands, in particular to those who like us have suffered a similar situation, to stop supplying products on third party websites who clearly have no control over their shopping platform. We are confident that we can better protect your brand and your intellectual property and ultimately benefit our customers to buy with confidence and save time.

Our mission

We have built our reputation by supplying quality products with great value for money, backed up with clear information of each product, and we will always continue to do so. 

Our mission is inspired by the lack of accountability of the products sold on other platforms like Amazon, EBay and other third party websites and their reliability. Our mission is to provide a platform where visitors and our customers can evaluate a product before receiving it at home and buy with confidence.

Just it! So, no buts and no ifs. The main aim is to minimise any surprises of receiving defected products, counterfeits and fakes or if its packaging is not as expected. 

How we are doing it

Trust is a simple principle which has always been at the core of my life, says Fabio Paduanelli founder and CEO of Simply FabS. Ltd. “I remember that as a young boy gown up on the family farm and thanks to the entrepreneurial mind of my father, I was proactive to maximising opportunities, increase productivity while mitigating costs.  For instance, at college I noticed that lots of alumnus had to take dangerous journey to go to the nearest shop which was at 2 miles from the school. Therefore, at 17 years old as soon as i got my provisional driving licence, I started to sell from the back of my car boot sandwiches and focaccine collected from the local bakery at 6am after attending with my brothers the flower Market. The objective was to make the money for the last year school trip and in very little time I was selling crisps, cakes, chilled drinks and sweets from local business who supplied me the goods simply based on trust and “Sale or Return”. Fortunately, I never had to return anything, also because saving on the financial and running costs I could offer very competitive prices to my school friends who also saved compared to buy just one sandwich from the bakery shop.” 

The same simple principle of Trust is applied throughout our supply chain of Simply Fabs Ltd. 

We select products offered by suppliers who are confident that their products are good value for money and our team of expert will conduct an accurate evaluation to allow our customers to make an informed choice of the product they are considering to purchase. 

Our suppliers know that if it is worth if we would be the first people to buy it.

Our customers can be reassured that if a product is on our shopping platform, it means that the product is worth its money and the saving have been passed on to our customers, saving also time to shop around.

Last but not least, we believe that our core business must be focused on all stakeholders interacting throughout our supply chain, our human resources and all the way to our customers, shareholders and investors. For this reason, we reward all our stakeholders with a share of our profits before any dividend is paid out. 

At Simply FabS, our stakeholders are our shareholders.  

Many thanks for your continuous help and support.

Simply FabS Team

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